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The Bunky Brothers
  Cryptic Entertainment

In the early 1990’s, after two decades of collecting EC comics, Jeff Cain decided it was time to pick up where William Gaines has left off. Cryptic Entertainment launched as a small, independent publisher, located in the San Francisco area. The goal was to publish a line of EC, "homage" titles.

With little money and much effort, the first title "Tomb Tales" was published using a small printing company out of Texas. About 3,000 copies were printed, of which one third went to Diamond for distribution. The flagship title, "Tomb Tales" ran for 7 issues.

A second title called, "Grave Yarns" (featuring one artist doing the whole book), was published and begin building some buzz in the comic industry.

With interest building, plans for a third and fourth title quickly came about. Leveraging longtime relationships, Cryptic Entertainment reached out to legendary EC artist such as Jack Davis, Al Williamson, Johnny Craig and Jack Kamen for covers, mock ups and story ideas.

As the story goes, Diamond then "killed" the company by requiring minimum target sales, and additional advertising that would require huge amounts of cash to fund ads in the monthly catalog. Unable to raise enough capital to meet marketing needs, coupled with production costs and mounting debt, Cryptic Entertainment had no choice but to closed up shop.

The artwork you see was either used in the first series title, Tomb Tales, or mocked up and scheduled to be used in the upcoming titles that never made it to print.

One small tiny story in the universe that is comic fandom.